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ABI Full Segmental

Peripheral Arterial Testing

PVR Plethysmography Doppler

Vicorder Vascular Lab – the New Era in Vascular Diagnostics

Vicorder Vascular Lab is the most complete portable solution for your facility’s testing needs. Replace your aging equipment for a fraction of the budget.   The Affordable, Portable Solution. The Vicorder is a new cutting edge device that is a prime example of the miniaturization trend in the field of diagnostic imaging. Highly portable, the complete system fitting into a small laptop case, the machine can literally go anywhere, while still filling the needs of medium to large facilities. Featuring dual channel Pulse Wave Recording ( PVR ), Dual Channel Photo Plethysmography ( PPG ), and Continuous Wave ( CW ) Arterial Doppler in both 8MHz & 5MHz, the Vicorder Vascular Lab is an remarkably capable unit priced well below other machines and with a functionality that will dwarf the competition. Offering Tests like Lower Arterial, ABI, Segmental, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Allen’s Test, Cold Immersion, Stress, Pulse Wave Velocity, Penile and others, the Vicorder stands out as a new benchmark in the field. www.prnvascular.com/contact

  1. Lower Arterial
  2. Upper Arterial
  3. Post Exercise
  4. T.O.S. (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome)
  5. Lower Digit
  6. Upper Digit
  7. Penile Study
  8. Palmer Arch test
  9. Venus Reflux
  10. A. B. I. (Ankle Brachial Index)
  11. T. B. I. (Toe Brachial Index)

The Vicorder PWV is a portable non-invasive Laptop base arterial pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement system that is fast and simple to use. The Vicorder PWV system provides a quick and simple non-invasive method of obtaining the Pulse Wave Velocity for an arterial segment. Proximal and distal blood pressure cuffs are wrapped around the limb under consideration and inflated to 65 mmHg. The corresponding oscillometric signal from each cuff is digitally analysed to extract, in real time, the pulse transit time and the consequent Pulse Wave Velocity. This new “hands off” technique allows sequential monitoring of PWV for varying events such as the response to flow enhanced reactive hyperaemia which can be induced using the distal cuff as intermittent occlusion cuff. Vicorder Image 9 HOME